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The Forum for the Recorder  

Welcome! This is the open access to our new platform for the recorder. Built around the German recorder magazine Windkanal, a quarterly periodical dedicated to the exciting world of the recorder since 1997, it opens doors into the wonderful world of our instrument via services in German and English.
First of all, the printed magazine: All printed issues are available in our online archive services in German. Enjoy a wide variety of articles with pictures and musical examples, written by well-known ambassadors of the recorder. Read their portraits, comments, news, reviews on CDs, sheet music, reference books and special events. Profit from the information contained in the different media available on our advertising platform.
Notice our exclusive online material: In the enhanced content, you will find a special collection of articles in German only available on this website.

For English readers we have prepared a selection of special articles from the magazine either in their original version or in translated texts. Apart from interviews with the trend-setters of our instrument (such as recorder soloists, ensembles, instrument makers, musicologists and correspondents) you will find interesting sound files, rare images and literature on topics of repertoire, history as well as lots of other information to inspire you.

We hope our range of articles will be interesting and useful. The team at Windkanal wishes you a nice reading tour!

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